Covid-19 Digital Connectivity

Powering virtual supply chains to reduce social distancing

We digitally connect retail and wholesale employees to provide improved efficiencies, service levels, and sales while adhering to social distancing norms.

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In This Uncertain Time, We Hope to Help

At BeverageX, we are uniquely positioned to help retailers and distributors connect virtually. We offer a remarkably similar service to the three-tiers called Supply Chain Connectivity.

During this health crisis, we can leverage our technology to enable retail and wholesale employees to maintain social distancing while still delivering the same or better customer service levels. This is accomplished by allowing retailers to securely share their inventory data with retailers on our platform.

How It Works

Step 1: Data Integration
BeverageX remotely accesses retailers’ POS data which is pushed securely to our servers

Step 2: On-Boarding Users
All key retail and distribution employees provide their names, email addresses, and positions to BeverageX. You will receive an email to verify your identity and set your password to securely and remotely access our platform.

Step 3: Machine Learning Analysis
Machine learning algorithms group products that are likely to stock out or are stocked out, so you can manage by exception. Managing by exception is much more efficient than managing by portfolio. Why spend unnecessary time counting inventory or verifying sales performance for items without issues?

Step 4: Virtual Automation
To help you manage by exception, proactive communication alerts are triggered for products that require your immediate attention. That way, if stock take is necessary to verify a potential “phantom inventory” issue, you can zero in on that problem and rectify it immediately. This saves unnecessary in-store time, and as such, encourages social distancing.

Impact At-a-Glance

Leverage technology to drive profitability

Improved Social Distancing

With 24/7 near real-time, remote access, your teams can research stock problems remotely and tackle just those issues in-store.

Improved Efficiencies

Manage by exception (as opposed to across your entire portfolio) and re-direct efforts away from counting bottles towards better brand performance.

Higher Customer Service Levels

Seamless automation and machine learning algorithms optimize inventory levels across the value chain. 

More Cash on the Balance Sheet

With everyone working together to deliver products more efficiently, retailers can expect more cash on hand to invest in other products offered by their distribution partners.

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