Demand Planning

Powering machine learning/AI demand models

With sophisticated machine learning models, we deliver the most accurate demand forecasts anywhere. Combined with our Predictive Ordering solution, independent retailers and large chains see amazing results.

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Our Science Optimizes Profits

BeverageX’s principals have a combined 40+ years of analytics and machine learning expertise in healthcare, CPG, and most recently, wholesale and retail alcohol beverage (since 2012). Our data scientists use machine learning/AI to drive business decisions that delivers significant financial impacts.

Many companies make claims about incorporating machine learning/AI into their predictions. However, what sets us apart from the competition is incorporating the right machine learning algorithms to solve for optimal demand based on financial drivers. The net result is demand forecasts that maximize profit margins while maintaining (or improving) service levels.

Why Focus on Alcohol Beverage?

Since 2012, BeverageX’s leadership team has developed technology solutions specifically for the alcohol beverage trade. We understand this world, and we believe this provides greater prediction accuracy than your typical general IT or retail vendor can achieve.

For example, our item master has been mapped to accommodate similarities and differences between wine regions (e.g. appellations), varietals, and price points. As such, our models consider price elasticity to drive higher margins across the wine category. And, we understand the private label business, specifically for wines and spirits. As such, we tag all private (and control) brands to maximize profits for these items too. Lastly, our models incorporate the nuances associated with craft consumers to maximize pricing and service levels for this unique buying segment.

Don’t settle for general predictive models when you can get access to models developed and continuously tailored to alcohol beverage.

Why Incorporate Data Science in Demand Planning?

If you operate a business with annual revenues that exceed about $2.5 million, then relying on human forecasting can produce highly inaccurate results. With computer processing speeds powering complex mathematical equations in seconds, your competition—especially larger independents and chains—is already using data science to their advantage.

Accurate forecasts are imperative to ensure the right product on the shelf, at the right time, and at the right price to drive substantial improvements in profitability and service. Having a computer derive these calculations by SKU and by location, delivered to you daily, will save you a huge amount of time that can be redirected towards more customer-centric activities.

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