Predictive Ordering

Powering fulfillment with optimal profit margins

We enable wine, beer, and spirits buyers to re-order optimal quantities with optimal margins in minutes not hours.

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Our Predictive Ordering Solution

Using our machine learning/AI Demand Forecasting models, we analyze demand patterns, margins, inventory carrying costs, lead times, and many other supply chain parameters to determine the re-order quantities that deliver the highest margins—automated for you and updated daily.

We start by analyzing every SKU at every location to determine when to buy and at what quantities. This involves looking at all SKUs at once and applying advanced statistics to determine which extra unit creates the most return on investment. Instead of relying on unsophisticated sales ratios, our ML-powered algorithms generate exceedingly granular results – down to the SKU / day / location – for more precise replenishments. The results are significant as retailers reduce lost sales from stock outs and overstocks, boosting margins.

Expect Predictions for 85% of the SKUs in a Typical Order

Our machine learning algorithms are constantly learning. One area that we’re quite proud of is its ability to discern whether a prediction requires some level of human review. As such, when you login to access your suggested orders, you will see two order types: no review and need review orders. With about 85% requiring no review, buyers save hours of time per week which can now be re-focused towards customer-centric activities.

Get Started Fast & Remotely

Our data science and integration team can remotely access your data and deliver probabilistic ML powered orders in about 2 weeks.

Put us to the challenge. Sign up for a 30-day risk free FREE trial to access your daily predictive orders. You can continue to order as usual, but at the same time, see how our predictive orders compare. We also compute net profitability gains so you can see the returns as they happen.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, then cancel your trial and pay nothing—no questions asked.

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