Product Optimization

Powering high margin product portfolios

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, retailers realize the right mix, merchandising, and marketing of national, private, and control brands—driving profitability.

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Not All Products Are Created Equal

At BeverageX, we start by segmenting products based on whether it is an exclusive, private or control brand, or a national brand. It’s no secret that private and control brands typically command higher profit margins than national brands. However, private and control brands require merchandising and promotional strategies to succeed.

Our Solution offers automated exception-based alerts to price, promote, and market your highest margin products, driving margins and market share growth.

Automated Product Management

Every part of the product management process is automated for increased profits and productivity. Our platform monitors all items and sends alerts to employees for specific items apt for promotions, pricing, or merchandising opportunities.

Using Product Optimization helps retail teams work smarter and capture more profits and market share.

Profit Optimized Product Mix

What do the likes of Total Wine & More® and Costco® have in common? Each retailer has high profit margins due to highly successful private (and control) label programs. As such, we have built an online Supplier-Direct Ordering System.

Combined with machine learning algorithms, we help large independent stores and small to mid-size chains “group buy” private and control brands using crowd sourcing technology. The result is increased profits for exclusive products which drive more repeat customers to your stores.

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