Manage inventory, place orders, and buy like big box stores in one integrated online suite

Retailers work with us to reduce time spent on manual processes, increase sales, improve margins, and offer an overall better shopping experience to their customers.

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Manage Your Business With Us

We help retailers buy direct from distributors, manage inventories, and place AI-powered orders, all within one seamless, integrated platform.

BeverageX® Networks

Buy private label brands direct from the distributor to remove middle-man fees and give your customers more choice and your store(s) better margins.

Performance Inventory

Our collaborative platform continuously maintains near perfect inventory records while reducing the numbers of stocktakes and avoidable stockouts.

AI-Powered Ordering

Place orders with confidence using predictive AI-powered ordering to purchase what you need when you need it, taking advantage of “good” deals.

Supplier Direct Ordering Empowers Independent Retailers with Big Box Buying Power

We’re bring the big box retailer model to the independent retail market.

Now, all stores can buy in bulk and direct from the distributor, winery, distillery, or brewery without the need for large central warehousing space. 

Unified Supply Chains & Collaborative Inventory Management

Learn more about these services by watching the video here.

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