Supplier-Direct Ordering

Powering simplified private and control label ordering

Buy direct from wineries and distilleries, removing markups, for near wholesale pricing.

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Our Supplier-Direct Ordering Solution

Large independent retailers and small to mid-size alcohol beverage retailers struggle to purchase private labels like their big box competitors resulting in margin leakage and stock issues. BeverageX has the industry’s only solution to empower retailers with crowd sourcing technology to buy high margin private and control label brands, together.

Now retailers can buy private brands like big box stores and enjoy lofty margins without the inventory stock levels associated with them.

We Accommodate Multiple Product Options, Boosting Margins

Private Labels

Join exclusive, non-competitive retailer networks who buy private labels at near wholesale prices.

Control Labels

Leverage ML/AI-powered Brand Matching™ technology to buy control brands at near wholesale prices.

National Brands

Access “one-off,” “pre-sold” deals to group buy non-exclusive national brands at near wholesale prices.

Impact At-a-Glance

Leverage technology to drive profitability

Less Inventory

ML/AI-powered algorithms encourage “just-in-time” ordering to optimize inventory levels.

More Buying Power

Crowd buying spreads order quantities across regional or national networks for extreme buying power.

Higher Margins

Less inventory combined with extreme buying power results in higher profit margins.

Better Experience

Automated, “easy-button” ordering encourages seamless, proactive re-orders across a crowd of stores.

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