Supply Chain Connectivity

Powering collaborative supply chains

Retailers connect with distributors (and suppliers, too) to share data and resources. The impact is reduced stock outs and overstock, lowered inventory levels, and improved profitability.

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Look at some of the most successful corporations

Careful study of successful companies such as FedEx, Toyota, and Walmart revealed one commonality: these companies work together with their supply chain. They treat their supply chain as partners—sharing data and leveraging resources to realize significant competitive advantages.

At BeverageX, we imagined an inventory optimization solution that capitalized on the three-tier system. Our collaborative inventory optimization system delivers this same service level to independent liquor stores and chains in the alcohol beverage industry.

Retailers choose with whom to partner

Shared data is both empowering and a privilege. For that reason, retailers can choose which distributors and suppliers to connect with.

In our experience, most companies are interested in strengthening relationships with their customers. If retailers do not feel that their shared data is making an impact, then they can remove this privilege with the click of a mouse. However, those supply chain partners who recognize this as an opportunity to advance both your business and theirs will see dramatic results.

Expect results fast

Depending upon where you reside in the supply chain, results will vary somewhat. However, everyone can expect increased sales and sales velocity, higher productivity, and improved customer and employee satisfaction due to the following tangible deliverables:

• Anywhere, anytime data sharing
• Fewer stock takes
• Reduced stock outs
• Lower inventory costs
• Higher profitability

“BeverageX arms our sales teams with time-saving, sku-level inventory insights which allows them to proactively manage their books of business. This makes them more efficient and effective brand managers, driving more market share and higher service levels.”

– Alcohol Beverage Distribution Executive

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